Call for Abstract

Guideline for Abstract Submission
Each submitter can submit more than one abstracts. The abstract is preferably to be submitted by the presenting author.
All abstracts submitted will be automatically edited according to the submission format. It is authors' responsibility to follow the guidelines on submission.
Submission channel: All abstracts must be submitted online and email submissions cannot be accepted. Submission deadline is Fri, 27 July, 2018 (Singapore Time)
Language: All abstracts must be submitted in English.
Title: Title will be format in Capital Letters and please keep it to 30 words maximum. Additional words will be removed.
Author(s): Author(s) will be formatted into Last Name and initial of First Name (example Lim SS, Smith P).
Institution: Please state only ONE institution, we will only include the first institution from the submission if there are multiple institutions indicated. The institution will be displayed in the format of school/department, institution, country
Abstract content: The abstract content should not exceed 250 words. The text must be arranged as follows: Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion
Presentation mode: Submitter can indicate his/her preference of the forms of presentation, but the final decision rests with the scientific committee and conference chair
Modification:  No modification of abstract will be allowed after the Abstract Submission Deadline.
Please follow the guidelines to submit your abstract. Organising Committee reserved the rights to reject any submitted abstract that do not follow the specified guideline. Complete the following form and click ‘Continue’ to review your entry before you complete submission.
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